Having counselling with Cathy was probably one of the most beneficial experiences of my life. She was professional, easy to talk to and a great listener. The therapy that was given to me was ideal as Cathy could use her own experience of being in a destructive group to help me put back the pieces of my mind and to find a way back to my-self. My time with Cathy was such an important part of my healing and I feel that thanks to her I have managed to build my life and become a confidant person once again. I would highly recommend her services.


Overall I found online counselling better than expected. I liked being able to have counselling at home, in my usual environment. I would recommend it as it is especially useful for anyone who is a Carer, or has a health problem or disability, being the difficulty of attending outside appointments is removed. I probably wouldn’t have had counselling at this point under the usual circumstances, as it would have been too problematic. Cathy understood me and my issues, and responded with helpful analogies, which was interesting. I therefore feel I have something to take forward with me, and that it has been a valuable learning experience.


I hope I can find words adequate to express my thanks for all the help and support that Cathy gave to me and my family during the darkest hours of my life. My daughter was involved with a cult for some 7 years and it took a serious and life threatening illness to bring her back into our family. After her recovery she was threatened by the people in the cult and they forced her into making a decision between us, her family, and them. This came as a horrible shock to her and she was literally considering suicide as she felt that was the only way out for her. Entered Cathy into the picture and her expertise in this whole baffling concept of “cultism” was the turning-point for us. Cathy opened up a road to discovery both for me and my daughter. The perennial question of “Why” and Why us” drove me crazy for some considerable time. But my daughter worked diligently with Cathy to answer these questions, and under her wise and sympathetic guidance she found the road back to normalcy and peace. Finally I would add that it is quintessentially important that a cult member in recovery finds a trustworthy and “fit for purpose” counsellor during this turbulent time. I have learned this from bitter experience, as we were at one time before Cathy’s involvement, recommended to a counsellor who was NOT qualified and who caused untold damage to us through interference. No names no pack drill but “caveat emptor” applies and be very wary and careful when choosing a counsellor. The only thing I can add now is a very big “thank you” to Cathy. You will never be forgotten!

Ann C

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