Why Have Email Counselling?

Traditional Counselling and Therapy is usually conducted face-to-face. Sometimes though this is not possible, and then modern technology can offer alternative mediums. It is now possible to have therapy online using “Skype” video and audio, Instant Messaging, and E-mail.

The advantage of using e-mail is that there is no travel involved to visit a therapist, or to keep appointments, which can be difficult if you have a disability or care for someone. You can fit your sessions around a busy life-style, or with a job that involves frequent travelling across different time-zones.

Therapeutic writing is a more reflective form of having counselling. You can write where and when it suits you and then take a break, and continue later at a time that is convenient for you. Another advantage of email counselling is that you will have a record of your session to refer back to whenever you want to.

Writing Therapy has been used in many forms since the time of Ancient Greece. Today, people communicate using the written word by sending letters by post, or write poetry, a diary or journal. Then there’s song lyrics, and using text and social media. Writing has been used for a long time to put one’s internal thoughts and emotions down on paper, and to communicate and express oneself, solve problems and clarify things.

Being able to write about difficult emotions, feelings, or events can be a release, reducing feelings of shame and inhibition; sometimes it is easier to write about something than to verbalise it to someone face-to-face. One can then look at things objectively, or give a different voice to them.

Being able to share your inner-most feelings confidentially with a trained therapist can offer healing, reassurance and encourage personal growth and change.

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