Free initial session:

Your first session will be free as this will be an assessment when we will discuss your requirements for counselling, and how to work together.

Further Counselling Sessions:

After agreeing to work together, I can offer you short-term work of six sessions, or longer term work for as long as you require, and sessions can be done once a week, once a fortnight, or once a month – whatever suits you!

First Session / AssessmentFree During your first free session, we will discuss your requirements, and assess how to work together.Free
Individual E-mail CounsellingCounselling by e-mail has the advantage of being more reflective and can be written at any time of day or night, and wherever you are. You will also have a record of your sessions to refer back to afterwards. Each e-mail is approximately one hours worth of writing, but no more than two A4 size pages please. I will spend one hour reading and replying to your e-mail, and this will count as one session. I will reply to you once a week and will try to get back to you within 72 hours. I use encrypted e-mail with to ensure your privacy.£40
StudentIf you are a student, unwaged, or experiencing financial hardship, I can offer a few places at this reduced rate. Please contact me for further details with proof of your status.£30

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